Can you feel the massive changes sweeping through our world at this time?

Are you wondering how to navigate & keep your balance through these intense new energies?

We are experiencing times of catalyzing change. It seems that we, and our world, are evolving so quickly that our hearts and minds can barely keep up. Sometimes this feels quite overwhelming. We can feel ungrounded, unsupported, and alone.

And yet at the same time, there are profoundly hopeful events happening all around us. Massive numbers of people are awakening & raising their consciousness. Many people are experiencing synchronicities in greater number than ever before; and our dreams, while confusing, come bearing powerful messages for the collective.

When your eyes are open to the evolutionary process that the world is experiencing now, you can't help but be blown away by the extraordinary opportunity of the times in which we live. These are times in which we have the potential to create an entirely new way of living on our beautiful planet.


But this change is NOT going to come from corporations or governments; from solar panels or legal regulations. Instead, it will come from the ground up ... Starting with individuals and small communities ... It will come from people speaking and acting with integrity, compassion, peace, and healing as their highest motivations. And it will expand energetically into outward ripples, and then into huge waves of change and commitment to a new & fearless future. 

It is already happening. Can you feel it? Everything is already changing.

And YOU are meant to be a part of this change.

The truth is that YOU have access to far greater resources (power, wisdom, freedom, and more) than you could possibly imagine. And the world needs you to step into your power and activate your sacred mission, to speak your truth and shine your light in a bigger way than you ever thought possible. 

If you resonate strongly with what I have shared here, you are not alone. So many people all around the world are feeling this call, are wanting to be part of this global movement, which is much bigger than any of us as individuals. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can step into your power and access these vast resources available to you, I invite you to attend an experiential & empowering workshop:

The Ancient One Within YOU ~ Awakening & Remembering

February 27th at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern / 6 pm UK


In this very special workshop, Tayria and I will guide you through an inspiring process that will help you: 

  • Cultivate your unique vision & sacred mission 
  • Harness the power of your dreams to guide you forward
  • Tap into the unseen realms for guidance & support
  • Find your soul tribe
  • Respond with hope & empowerment amidst the global crises we are witnessing at this time
  • Know when & how to share your vision with others
  • Create your own daily practices to ground & strengthen you, both physically and emotionally

It's happening live, and that is the best way to attend for maximum positive results! However if you can't attend on Tuesday, Feb 27th at 1 pm New York time, we will send you the recording afterwards. 

P.S. You don't need to have attended Remembering the Truth of Who We Are to participate in this workshop! It is open to everyone & will be impactful for all who attend, whether you've watched the recent interviews or not.

This workshop is completely free to all registered attendees. Register here today:

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Bright blessings,

Jocelyn Mercado and Dr. Tayria Ward

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